EXAIR’s new 30 gallon HEPA quality, industrial vacuum cleaners

EXAIR has introduced a powerful HEPA quality industrial vacuum cleaner featuring
a 30-gallon drum capacity.

The new 30-gallon heavy duty HEPA vac features a smaller volume drum
to fit in tighter spaces and to suit less frequent or lower volume
applications. EXAIR’s new heavy duty vacuum cleaner can move more material with
less wear, and has been engineered to filter contaminants to HEPA requirements
in dusty environments requiring frequent cleaning.

Key features of EXAIR’s new HEPA industrial vacuum cleaners include extremely
quiet operation at 82 dBA (half the noise of electric vacs) to suit diverse environments;
economical, easily maintained pre-filter stopping larger particles, while the
HEPA filter handles smaller matter; and all filters tested for minimum 99.97%
filtration at 0.3 micron level to meet HEPA standards in strict accordance with

Available from Compressed Air Australia, EXAIR’s Industrial Housekeeping
product line offers wet or dry vacuums with capacity ranging from 5 gallons up
to 44 gallons. These vacuums can be fitted to existing drums or purchased with
the complete drum assembly. Plastic or heavy duty aluminium vacuum tools are also
available. All EXAIR vacuums are CE compliant and carry a 5-year ‘Built to Last’

For further information, please visit the Compressed Air Australia website
www.caasafety.com.au or call 1300 787 688.

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