EXAIR’s new 1/4 NPT FullStream spray nozzles for pressurised liquids

Compressed Air Australia presents EXAIR’s new 1/4 NPT FullStream liquid
atomising spray nozzles, designed to provide a full cone spray pattern for
pressurised liquids. These liquid spray nozzles find use in cooling, cleaning,
washing, rinsing and dust suppression applications in industrial applications.

The vaneless tangential flow design creates wide open internal features
to resist clogging while producing a uniform distribution in a round pattern
with medium to large droplets. Their right-angle design is compact and operates
up to 100 PSIG liquid pressure. FullStream cone nozzles work well with liquids
containing particulate matter.

The liquid is supplied into the body of the FullStream nozzle, creating
a swirling action within a vortex chamber. This vortex produces the spray
pattern when the machined nozzle breaks the liquid surface tension as it exits
the orifice and into a controlled spray angle.

Key features of FullStream liquid atomising nozzles include stainless
steel construction enhancing durability and corrosion resistance; CE compliance;
choice of a variety of flow rates; and EXAIR’s 5-year Built to Last Warranty.

Available from Compressed Air Australia, FullStream nozzles complement
EXAIR’s large line of 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 NPT air atomising and no drip air atomising
spray nozzles.

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For further information, please visit the Compressed Air Australia website
www.caasafety.com.au, or call 1300
787 688.

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