EXAIR’s 316SS threaded line vac turns pipe into a conveyor

Compressed Air Australia announces the addition of new size options to EXAIR’s
air operated 316 stainless steel threaded line vac conveyor product line. EXAIR
has added several sizes to their threaded line vac range, which converts
ordinary pipe into a powerful in-line conveying system for food products,
pharmaceuticals and other bulk materials.

The 316SS threaded line vac is now available with NPT threads for use on
3/8 NPT through 3 NPT pipes. Featuring large throat diameters for maximum
throughput capability, these conveyors are designed to attach to plumbing pipe
couplers, sanitary flanges and other pipe fittings.

The 316SS threaded line vac conveyors eject a small amount of compressed
air to produce vacuum on one end with high output flows on the other.
Regulating this compressed air pressure provides infinite control of the
conveying rate. Key benefits also include Type 316 stainless steel construction
with durability to resist corrosion and contamination; ability to withstand
temperatures to 204¡C; and choice of nine sizes.

EXAIR’s 316 stainless steel threaded line vac conveyors find application
in gas, grain or ingredient sampling, part transfer, hopper loading, scrap trim
removal, tablet transfer and packaging. Various style and size options are
available to suit the hose or tube as well as additional materials such as aluminium
and abrasion resistant alloy.

The CE compliant 316SS threaded line vacs assist with a broad range of
conveying applications.

Please visit the Compressed
Air Australia website for more information on EXAIR’s 316SS threaded line vacs or
call 1300 787 688.

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