Eraspray ES81A HB high performance polyurethane spray

Era Polymers presents Eraspray ES81A HB, a premium grade, high
performance solvented polyurethane spray elastomer formulated for thicker
application, rapid build-up capacity and excellent bonding to various

Eraspray ES81A HB is used in various applications including the lining
of flotation cells, hoppers, truck bodies and chutes.

Eraspray ES81A HB polyurethane spray elastomer offers 3-4 times thicker application
than conventional solvented spray elastomer systems due to its high solids content;
rapid build-up capacity without solvent entrapment and sagging; excellent
abrasion resistance and corrosion protection; ability to bond to any substrate
when appropriate surface preparation and primers are used; flexibility to cope
with movement of machinery or substrate; and application with standard airless
spray equipment.

Eraspray ES81A HB can be pigmented to a suitable colour by adding Era
Polymers’ liquid pigment products during the mixing stage.

For ease of application, Eraspray ES81A HB is a 3-component product
supplied in pre-weighed kits and packaged in such a way that all three
components can be mixed together in the Part A pail.

For more information on primers and polyurethane spray products from Era
Polymers, please call 02 9666 3788 or email

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