Erapol XL Series pre polymer grades with low free TDI content

Era Polymers offers a range of low free TDI pre polymer grades in their XL
Series. Like the L-Grades, the XL-Grades offer reduced levels of free TDI.

The two low free TDI XL Series pre polymer grades from Era Polymers
include Erapol XLE polyethers and Erapol XLS polyesters.

Both Erapol XLE Series and Erapol XLS Series have very low free TDI
content of less than 0.1% as well as low viscosity and long pot life, enabling greater
flexibility and ease of processing.

The Erapol XLE product range is a new generation of liquid isocyanate
terminated pre polymer based on 100% PTMEG polyether polyol with the added
benefit of extremely low free isocyanate. Erapol XLE is available in a range of
hardnesses – 90A, 93A, 95A and 75D.

The Erapol XLS product range is an isocyanate-terminated polyester based
polyurethane pre polymer with an extremely low monomer content, formulated for
use with MOCA curative. Erapol XLS is available in a range of hardnesses – 85A,
90A and 95A.

Both Erapol XLE and XLS Series are typically used for demanding dynamic
applications such as high speed forklift truck tyres, rolls and gears, die pads
and more.

For more information on Era Polymers’ low free TDI XL Series or any of
Era’s other products, please call +61 (0) 2 9666 3788, or visit their website

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