Eracast TL in 65D and 70D for tooling and prototyping

Era Polymers offers Eracast Tooling Grades (Eracast TL) specifically
designed for tooling and prototyping applications.

Eracast TL casting products are two-component MDI polyether based
polyurethanes, available in both 65D and 70D Shore D Hardness scales.

The Eracast TL range is ideal for creating prototypes with precision. The
system’s very low shrinkage allows low shrinkage moulds to be cast for accurate
tooling requirements.

The Eracast range offers room temperature processing; hand or machine
processing; low viscosity; long or short pot life; room temperature cure; rapid
demoulding; and low shrinkage.

Eracast TL casting products are ideal for point of sale displays, rigid
castings and special effects.

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