Era Polymers’ cleaning range for machinery and equipment

Era Polymers offers a variety of cleaning products to keep your
machinery looking good and functioning well.

Era Polymers’ cleaning products include:

EraSolve: For cured PU

A unique solvent formulated for the polyurethane industry, EraSolve is
used for swelling cured polyurethane and also as a primer for polyurethanes,
PVC and other similar materials.

To use EraSolve as a cleaning product, soak the mixing heads and
equipment overnight to soften the cured polyurethane elastomer.

Once soaked, use a wire brush to clean away the swelled polyurethane.

EraClean: For metal machine

EraClean is a solvent-free product ideal for cleaning metal equipment
parts such as mixing heads used in the manufacture of polyurethane elastomers.

Simply place the metal parts in a bath of EraClean and heat on a hot
plate to 200¡C for 20-60 minutes. Once the parts are cooled, wash in warm soapy
water or solvent to complete the cleaning process.

Please ensure that Teflon, rubber or other plastics should be removed
from the assembly prior to cleaning. Ensure good ventilation or extraction
during the cleaning process.

Era Gun Flush: For low pressure
mixing chamber flushing

Flush your spray guns clean with Era Gun Flush, a colourless liquid with
low toxicity and a mild odour. Era Gun Flush provides good solvency for a wide
variety of resins including acrylics, epoxies, alkyds, polyesters, nitrocellulose
and polyurethanes.

MEK: For cleaning surfaces and

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) is a solvent used for cleaning surfaces and
tools; it can also be used to thin down solvented polyurethane systems.

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