Enware Tobin eyewash systems – because every second counts

Tobin eyewash solutions from Enware Australia are specifically designed
to provide quick and efficient relief to the eyes when exposed to chemicals in
hazardous environments.

Every second counts when a person’s eyes are affected by chemical
exposure. Chemicals can cause serious damage to the eyes if they are not washed
out in seconds.

Tobin’s eyewash systems are a well proven, quick and safe way to wash out
chemicals from the eyes. Designed for fast application, the eyewash offers
sufficient flushing volume to provide relief in most eye accidents.

Accessibility to an eyewash system is a critical requirement for a temporarily
blinded person. Enware’s Tobin eyewash systems can be kept within arm’s reach
in potentially hazardous environments, allowing the affected person to access
the eyewash quickly and begin the treatment within seconds so as to minimise
any permanent damage to the eyes. Each bottle is designed to empty under
natural pressure, with its soft flow protecting the eye from further

Enware offers a broad choice of Tobin eyewash solutions to address the
unique needs of different application environments, ranging from wall mounted
stands with five eyewash bottles to cabinets and stands for vehicles and pocket
eyewashes for workers on the move.

For more information on Tobin eyewash systems, please visit www.enware.com.au/featured-articles/tobin.

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