EMCA positioning drives for demanding manufacturing environments

The EMCA positioning drive available from Festo features a compact and
high performance design for use in demanding manufacturing environments.

Consisting of a maintenance-free and wear-resistant brushless DC motor
with integrated power and control electronics, the integrated drive system
avoids long motor cables, improves electromagnetic compatibility, and reduces
installation workload and space requirements, while built-in monitoring
functions ensure safety and reliability.

EMCA positioning drives find application in machines, devices and
systems used in materials transport and conveying, printing as well as
packaging and labelling. The compact drive system won a Product Design Award at
the iF Design Awards.

Key features of the EMCA positioning drives include 24 V DC power supply;
absolute position sensed using a single-turn encoder as standard, or optionally
via a multi-turn displacement encoder with buffering; optional integrated
holding brake and external gear units; two motor lengths and power classes to
deliver peak torque of up to 0.91 Nm; and maximum rotational speed of 3,500 RPM
with ability to reach peak power output of up to 200 W.

The free to download Festo Configuration Tool (FCT) software makes
parameterisation and commissioning quick and easy via an Ethernet interface,
with 64 freely programmable position sets. The EMCA can be controlled via
fieldbuses including CANopen, Ethernet/IP and I/O-Interface, with EtherCAT and
PROFINET to follow, making it suitable for integration into many applications.

The motor housing provides IP54 degree of protection as standard, with
IP65 available optionally for direct installation in the system. The EMCA also supports
the ‘safe torque off (STO)’ safety function, ensuring there is no risk to the
user’s system from the motor continuing to rotate in case of an emergency.

Design highlights also include integrated motor and controller,
eliminating the need for motor and encoder cables, and resulting in small
installation spaces and improved electromagnetic compatibility; bearings with
lifetime lubrication for long lasting, easy care and maintenance; built-in web
server displaying I/O and status information for easy monitoring and diagnosis;
and integrated holding brake option available to meet the requirements of
vertical applications.

The introduction of EMCA positioning drives means
that engineers can source an even broader range of automation packages from
Festo ranging from gear units, to electro-mechanical axes and complete handling

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