Electronic Logbooks for Mining Organisations

Logbooks provide the best way for keeping records of activities of industrial
equipment and certain operations. Under the Mines Safety and Inspection
Act 1994 and associated regulations, (WA Australia) a mine record book is
used by mining operations, to record:

  • details of improvement, prohibition and provisional
    improvement notices
  • details and results of an inspection by a mines
  • statutory appointments and rosters, and other
    management appointments
  • details of incidents and accidents.

Pre-shift inspections, operator rounds and other
safety inspections ensure timely, accurate accounts of inspections and
deficiencies detected before operating any type of heavy equipment or
industrial equipment in the mining site. They are fundamental in monitoring
performance over time against similar equipment, giving the possibility for a
detailed ROI as well as trend analysis. This also allows maintenance and
management the freedom of checking historical performance to better understand
the severity, nature and background to why a fault could have occurred. As safety
inspections and equipment maintenance are an important aspect of the operations
of any mine, electronic logbooks represent an obvious choice for mines who want
to modernise their mining operations and follow safety regulations and legislations.
Keeping track with equipment performance; minimizing breakdowns; managing
deficiencies; and especially minimising the risk of injury are critical to the
efficiency of any operation, let alone the large scale of many mining processes.

Many Mines maintain
printed (paper based) logbooks that are completed by operators at the beginning
of their shifts or at periodic intervals.
Pervidi’s Electronic Logbooks replaces the paper logbooks by allowing the
operators or inspectors to record their pre operations, operator rounds, pre-shift
and post-shift inspections using Pervidi’s easy-to-use Safety Inspection App. The
inspection app can be downloaded on any consumer or industrial mobile device,
running on iOS or Android operating systems – it’s also accessible on any
rugged and intrinsically safe mobile devices available. Virtually no training
is required; the Pervidi safety inspection App walks the user through
questions/answers/tasks and records the pre-shift observations electronically. Thanks
to the power of the mobile device, the user can take advantage of certain
functions such as the camera and touchscreen to take pictures and annotate
them. Other features include speech-to-text and access to reference material in
real time (e.g. user manuals, drawings, images, induction information) as well
as standardised response and easy input checklist sections.

There are also
many other functions that ease the inspection process such as alerts to
management when periodic inspections are NOT completed, or automatically
suggested real- time corrective actions when certain deficiencies are recorded.
This allows inspectors and superintendents to address the issue onsite, at
least to a certain extent which prevents further at times. Such automatic corrective
actions can be sent automatically to any other system like Supervisory Control
and Data Acquisition (SCADA). All reports and logs are automatically filed and
categorised on the hosted system, either run in-house on private servers (on
premise) or via the cloud (SaaS). All logbook records are organised in a
logical way to ensure they can be accessed quickly and relate to a certain category,
activity or asset and can be analysed via any business Intelligence (BI)
systems and or Asset Management Systems. This also improves the speed and ease
of compliance, updating regulation to required activities and seeing overall
company performance.

inspecting and recording electronically equipment is a key part of keeping mining
workplaces safe, maintaining the compliance, and improving productivity. But to
ensure inspections and other mining activities are done as they should be, you
need an electronic safety inspection app.

For more
information about electronic logbooks within mining please visit pervidi.com.au or www.pervidi.com

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