eDRAULIC rescue tools offering the best rescue capabilities

The eDRAULIC range of rescue tools from PT Hydraulics Australia allows
users to leave conventional hydraulic hoses and power units behind by offering
excellent rescue capabilities. eDRAULIC speeds up rescue operations, increases
safety, occupies less space in the vehicle, has a lightweight design for easier
handling, and offers total freedom of movement in action, especially in multivehicle
crashes and off-road accidents.

eDRAULIC Second Generation

PT Hydraulics Australia announces new features in the eDRAULIC Second
Generation range, all designed to increase performance and reduce tool weight.
The new tools in the eDRAULIC 2.0 range are lighter and have a more ergonomic
compact design to optimise performance and speed. eDRAULIC 2.0 continues to be
the leading brand in rescue equipment for modern vehicle extrication thanks to
superior handling and high performance reserves for future-generation vehicles.

Lukas Battery Technology

The battery technology in eDRAULIC rescue tools was specially developed
to deliver the precise performance required in critical situations.

Key benefits include one battery type for all tools; quick switch from
mains to battery operation; illuminated battery compartment for night work; battery
protected within the housing of the tool; protection against moisture and dirt
with IP54 rating; almost no self-discharge, providing full power even after six
months; and charge level visible during use.

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