Eddy current separators from Magnet Sales Australia

Eddy current separators, designed for non-ferrous metal separation from inert materials within the recycling industry, are now available as part of the COGELME equipment range available from Magnet Sales Australia.

Eddy current separators are conveyors made with a particular magnetic field in the head, which is generated by a high frequency polar wheel. When the non-ferrous metals are coming near to the magnetic field, they are lifted and expelled to one collecting canal, while the inert materials freely fall into another container.

All iron, which differs from the non-ferrous metals, is kept by the magnetic rotor and removed into the proper container under the eddy current separator.

With the extensive range of COGELME eddy current equipment available, Magnet Sales Australia have a non-ferrous metal separation solution to sort any kind of material:

  • medium and large sized non-ferrous metals from 15-20 mm up to 350-400 mm, e.g municipal waste, demolition waste, shredded waste
  • middle sized non-ferrous metals from 20-25 mm up to 200-250 mm, e.g shredded plastic, rubber, crushed glass
  • milled non ferrous metals of extremely thin dimensions, down to 2 mm e.g ground or granulated plastic, rubber, e-scrap, wood, foundry sand.

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