eDart Smart air valves from Dual Valves Australasia

eDart’s Smart air valve available from Dual Valves Australasia is an in-line variable orifice that uses microprocessor technology to control volumetric flow rate.

The Smart air values hold the delivered flow rate constant for varying upstream pressure (from the blower) and downstream pressure (by the process). 24 VDC is required for the operation.

Made from galvanised mild steel, eDart’s Smart air valves incorporate polyurethane plugs and seals, and are available in a standard size of 50mm.

The air valves find application in forced air flotation tanks in mineral processing and oil sands as well as fisheries and sewage works.

Key benefits of eDart’s Smart air valves:

  • Maintains constant flow rate for varying pressure conditions
  • Cost effective
  • No instrumentation air supply is required
  • Compact design

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