eDART slurry samplers from Dual Valves Australasia

Dual Valves Australasia presents a range of slurry samplers from eDART.

eDART poppet samplers feature a very simple, compact and robust design. Successfully used in the sampling of slurries for many years, the unit is specifically designed to meet composite or shift sampler requirements.

eDART slurry samplers are made from 316 grade stainless steel and incorporate polyurethane disc seals. The samplers find application in composite sampling, daily shift or composite sample, grab samplers and sampling campaigns.

Key features of eDART slurry samplers:

  • Eliminates product spillage
  • Compact design
  • Line pressure not exposed to atmosphere
  • Water flushing if required
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Locally manufactured
  • Moving parts fully removed from the line in the non-sampling position to extend sampler life
  • Simple and robust construction
  • Standard size: 125ml sample for 80mm to 400mm line sizes


  • Pneumatic piston actuated (double acting or spring return)
  • Timed/ untimed solenoid valves
  • Control boxes for automated sampling

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