ECOPOL F3 HC – Environment friendly firefighting foams for hydrocarbon risks

PT Hydraulics Australia presents ECOPOL F3 HC, a specially designed foam
concentrate that can effectively fight hydrocarbon fires, is compatible with
fresh and sea water, and has minimal effect on the environment.

Delivering superior smothering properties on par with the best AFFF foams,
ECOPOL F3 HC foams have a long burn back time equivalent to the best protein

ECOPOL F3 HC foam has high adhesive and slow drainage properties, making
it extremely suitable as a protective fire barrier for long-lasting cooling of
storage containers or hydrocarbon tanks. ECOPOL F3 HC can be used at 3% in
direct application on hydrocarbon fires.

Certified by an independent recognised laboratory, ECOPOL F3 HC has
obtained the best 1A performance classification under EN 1568-3 Standard.
Effective at low expansion, it can be used on hydrocarbon fires such as fuel
oil, diesel, petrol or kerosene, and offers high adherence on vertical surfaces.

ECOPOL F3 HC foams are compatible with most dosing systems, and can be
used in both mobile and fixed fire extinguishing systems.

ECOPOL F3 HC firefighting foams are also every environment friendly,
being completely free of fluorine derivatives (PFCs, PerFluorinated Compounds).
ECOPOL F3 HC is classified as readily biodegradable with the ability to break
down rapidly with no PBT (Persistent Bioaccumulable Toxic) residue or halogen

ECOPOL F3 HC combines an environment-friendly formulation with a highly
effective fire extinguishing capability. Depending on the absorption capacity
of the user’s sewage treatment plant and spillage agreement, ECOPOL F3 HC foam
can be eliminated without resorting to incineration. 

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