Dual high pressure slurry knife gate valves

The DHPSKG valves available from Dual Valves Australasia are designed for application in diverse environments including mining, power generation, sewage and chemicals among others.

Featuring a cast SG iron GR. 42 or fabricated body, Dual high pressure slurry knife gate valves incorporate a heavy-duty stainless steel blade with removable sleeves on either side to provide a bi-directional bubble tight seal with no metal parts in contact with the slurry.

Dual slurry knife gate valves find application in mining and mineral processing, power generation, sand and gravel, chemical and soda ash, sewage, pulp and paper as well as environmental and effluent industries.

Key features of Dual high pressure slurry knife gate valves:

  • Size: 80mm to 600mm (Different sizes available on request)
  • Operating pressure: DN80 to DN600
  • Easily replaceable seals without special tools
  • Flushing ports incorporated in the body through to inner sleeve housing area
  • 360 PSI, 25 bar CWP full port design

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