Dual Flo-Stop high pressure mine dewatering check valves

Dual Valves Australasia presents the Dual Flo-Stop high pressure mine dewatering check valves (DFSV valves) featuring a reinforced stainless steel ball.

The unique design of the valves allows free ball movement, lifting out of the liquid without interference. As the pump stops, the ball falls back and positively locates in the stainless steel seat due to its own weight and back pressure of the liquid.

The higher the pressure, the better the secondary Linex seal will seal.

Key features of Dual Flo-Stop mine dewatering check valves:

  • Size: 80mm to 500mm (Different sizes available on request)
  • Operating pressure: 10, 16 and 25 bar
  • Non clogging design
  • Silent, non slam operation reduces pipe hammer
  • Particularly suited for mill cyclone feed pump applications
  • Ideal for slurry applications requiring trouble-free pump changeover

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