DSM Series console servers with dual gigabit Ethernet ports for faster access

Interworld Electronics presents the DSM Series serial console servers, providing
secure remote access to RS232 console ports on servers, routers, switches,
firewalls and other network elements. This allows system administrators to
manage and troubleshoot network devices from any location.

The latest DSM models now feature dual gigabit Ethernet ports to provide
fast access, 4G LTE modem support for out-of-band access, optional straight
through pinouts for easy Cisco Server integration and RESTful API support. In
addition, robust security and authentication features ensure that your critical
network elements remain secure.

The DSM Series can monitor network equipment, constantly watching for
significant changes. Network managers are promptly notified via SNMP trap or
email when high temperature readings, full port buffers, invalid access
attempts and other events are detected.

The DSM Series provides 8, 24 or 40 RJ45 RS232 serial ports that can be
individually accessed by number, name, or group. The DSM also allows direct
connections using TCP port assignments. Each DSM serial port can be separately
configured using simple menu driven commands to set the port password, data
rates, flow control and other operating parameters.

The full matrix capability of the DSM allows you to easily connect any
two ports on the switch, even when the ports are using different communications

Secure Shell (SSHv2) encryption and address-specific IP security masks
prevent unauthorised access to command and configuration functions. The DSM
also provides four different levels of security for user accounts:
Administrator, SuperUser, User and ViewOnly. The Administrator level provides
complete access to all serial port connection/ disconnection commands, status
displays and configuration menus. The SuperUser level allows control of serial
ports, but does not allow access to configuration functions. The User level
allows access to only a select group of Administrator-defined serial ports. The
ViewOnly level allows you to check unit status, but does not allow control of
serial ports or access to configuration menus.

The DSM allows remote authentication with full support for Radius,
Kerberos, LDAP and TACACS capability. An invalid access lockout feature provides
additional security.

For more information, please visit the Interworld Electronics website www.ieci.com.au or call 613 9593-7555.

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