DMF’s new Coldsaver high speed insulated roll doors

Rapid roll doors specialist DMF International presents a new range of
high speed insulated doors to meet the unique demands of coolroom, chiller and
freezer applications.

Having supplied rapid roll doors with polyskin PVC type panels for
several years, DMF has now introduced a more efficient solution for cold room
applications with the new Coldsaver high speed insulated doors.

DMF’s new Coldsaver high speed insulated roll doors are designed to withstand
the harsh conditions of bulk commercial freezers, offering a greater level of
insulation against both temperature and noise with a flexible 15mm thick door
panel constructed from polyskin 900gsm and a 15mm thick insulated core.

Key features of Coldsaver high speed insulated roll doors include opening
sizes up to 4500H x 4500W; sleek design with profiled extruded aluminium
columns and PVC seals; heavy duty SIO-LINE panel 900gsm material plus XPS
insulation 15mm thick panel with U-value of 0.40W/m2.k and sound
attenuation of 14dBA; and variable speed control with gentle start/stop function.

The Coldsaver range can be mounted inside the freezer in certain
applications, but is recommended for the warm side of the freezer doorway. The
bottom rail can be rigid or flexible according to the application requirement.
A controller with PLC and VSD control is also provided. Emergency UPS power
supply is optionally available if the opening is the only access out of the freezer.

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