DMF releases BiFlex strip curtain doors

DMF International has introduced a new range of strip curtain doors
designed to open and close automatically. An innovation from the Sydney based
company, the auto BiFlex door is an automated PVC strip curtain that opens and
closes with an accordion action.

The new BiFlex design is based on DMF’s static Visiflex PVC strip curtains,
which have been used for many years in various applications including
warehouses, laboratories, plant rooms, processing and manufacturing areas,
freezers and cool rooms. These doors protect a working environment against
entry of dust, temperature or noise elements, especially in high traffic flow applications.

DMF has now taken this popular product to a new level of functionality
with the unique design featuring an automated open/close system.

DMF’s BiFlex PVC strip curtains deliver several advantages in industrial
and commercial environments. The automatic concertina opening of the PVC strips
allows touch-free access of pallet traffic through the opening, unlike static
strip curtains that have the strips dragging awkwardly over the product and
dislodging it from the pallet. The minimal impact contact of passing traffic
through the opening extends the life of the PVC strip slats.

Openings with a gantry rail passing through cannot accommodate PVC roll
doors. The auto BiFlex door solves this issue with the strips profiled around
the gantry rail to provide a good seal while retaining automatic operation.

BiFlex automated PVC strip curtains are custom
made to size and can suit widths up to 8m, with heights up to about 5m. The PVC
strips measure 300mm x 3mm with a 100mm overlap. The automated BiFlex door can
also be supplied with many types of activation sensors.

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