DMF hygienic doors for environments that demand high standards of cleanliness

DMF International presents a specialised range of hygienic swing doors
from leading Irish company Dortek Ltd, designed for use in applications requiring
high hygiene standards.

Dortek’s hygienic doors are glass reinforced polymer (GRP) doors
recommended for the sensitive environments at pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities,
hospitals, food processing plants, and cleanroom laboratories.

The pharmaceutical sector maintains high standards of hygiene and
cleanliness with GMP requirements mandating a smooth, non-porous, ledge-free
type of design to minimise dust and contaminant collection areas. Hospital
doors must also meet hygienic standards in operating theatres and patient wards,
and withstand the cleaning agents employed. Dortek’s GRP door design satisfies
all these requirements.

Proudly distributed throughout Australia by DMF International, Dortek
GRP doors deliver multiple benefits over lined timber doors and stainless steel
doors with features such as seamless moulded construction with no joints or
ledges; ease of cleaning with materials resisting bacteria build-up; lightweight,
durable and low maintenance characteristics; customisation options to suit specific
applications; water resistant quality without warping, swelling or rusting; optional
lead lining for X-ray applications; toughened glass windows made resistant to laser
or X-ray; built-in colour design; and option of fire resistance up to 3 hours,
with concealed intumescent strip that expands under heat.

Dortek’s GRP doors have been installed across
the world in various applications. DMF can also supply BIMs for this product.

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