Digital welding inspections

A guaranteed way of preventing welding defects and controlling the
output of welds and metal fabrication, welding inspections are moving into a
digital environment to ensure greater accuracy in quality and safety checks. Digital
systems also ensure employees follow correct procedures and protocol when
undertaking welding inspections.

By tailoring software to a manufacturer’s specific purpose, inspectors
can benefit from including ASME codes, AWS codes, API codes and ISO codes in
inspections. To ensure welding standards are met, including Australian
standards AS2214 and AS1796, inspectors and surveyors must be equipped with the
right tools and instruments to allow effective and ongoing inspections,
monitoring and maintenance.

Easy to implement, digital welding inspections eliminate errors and potential
problems, leading to cost and safety benefits while enforcing quality assurance

Checklist for digital welding

Digital inspection software applications such as Pervidi can be
implemented to execute inspections across various industrial segments as the
checklists can be customised to the task on hand.

For welding and metal fabrication, Pervidi assists with visual inspections,
coating inspections, mechanical testing, material identification, corrosion
testing and passivation testing.

Reports for digital welding

Pervidi software generates inspection reports and sends them to the designated
departments. These reports can be an overview of regular inspections or even
defect reports of inspected areas that have not met quality assurance standards.

Inspection reports can include graphs and visual information or images to
allow in-depth understanding of collected data, and reveal trends and patterns
occurring within different areas of fabrication. Once the report is completed,
the inspector can save it onto a cloud-based or in-house central database.

Pervidi digital welding
inspection software

The inspector can utilise the mobile device’s built-in camera to take photographs
of findings and annotate the images, and depending on the device, even convert
speech to text for additional data collection. Functions such as barcodes, GPS,
timestamp, RFID and scanners built into the mobile device enable efficient and
quick identification of areas and equipment, determine points of entry and
exit, improve efficiency, and minimise human errors.

Speech recognition

A standard feature in all new smartphones, speech recognition provides
employees and inspectors a fast and effective way to record and store
information, which can act as a useful reference tool when completing
inspection reports.


Camera technology continues to evolve in smartphones, resulting in
better quality images. The mobile device’s camera helps capture the inspector’s
visual point of view, further substantiating the conclusions in the inspection

Annotating images

The onscreen annotation feature in a mobile device allows inspectors to
highlight key areas on a photograph to further validate findings from the

Offline reporting

Locations with limited Wi-Fi and/or data services can restrict certain inspection
software applications that rely on continuous connectivity. Pervidi’s paperless
inspection software allows users to work offline with data being uploaded once
a web connection is established.

Automatic data/time/GPS stamp

Inspectors can improve their reporting details by implementing automatic
data records such as time and location stamps.

Document and reference storage

Businesses can upload important documents such as relevant standards, drawings
and manuals to the mobile device, eliminating the hassle and inconvenience of
paper versions.

Digital welding inspections for
your business

Pervidi software enables users to optimise their smartphone for digital
welding inspections. Surveyors and inspectors benefit from Pervidi’s tailored
service, ongoing support, mobility and functionality.

Pervidi software is available from Techs4Biz Australia.

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