Digital Pre and Post Rental Inspection

Pre and post rental inspection is a fundamental part of the hire procedure. It is not only the
responsibility of both the renter and owner to assess potential damage during the rental period, but
also an important record of condition and maintenance. For any pre and post rental inspection, it is
therefore important to have the best management tool and checklist available. Today, the market
leader is paperless inspection applications. As well as providing a dynamic tailored software package
for easy integration into your business, digital inspection applications are a straightforward way of
taking your business digital. Customisable checklists on your smartphone or tablet device means
inspectors can quickly and efficiently carry out pre and post rental inspections and improve

A sample pre and post rental inspection routine:

  • – Safety walkthrough
  • – Condition report
  • – Fuel, odometer, engine hours check
  • – Feature overview
  • – Documentation completion

Whilst this simple 5 step routine can seem quick in theory, that sometimes isn’t the case when paper
is involved. Paper checklists are slowing down inspections with a tendency to get lost, damaged,
leave too much to interpretation and be a logistical nightmare for filing and data entry. Why waste
time with this process whilst your customer is eager to get the fleet on the road? Paperless
inspection applications are proving to be a modern answer. Features of the common mobile device
are adeptly suited to use in inspection. The camera can be used to take photos of damage or current
condition, which can also be annotated to highlight the extent of damage for later reference. The
touchscreen can provide quick standardised response checklists for a faster process. The GPS, date
and timestamps can effortlessly record which depot the vehicle or asset was taken out from. There
are numerous ways in which the mobile device shows itself as a logical companion to pre and post
rental inspection businesses.

Where paperless inspection applications really confirm their worth in the inspection process is after
the inspection is complete. Paperless apps means every report is automatically filed on a private
server or the cloud (SaaS), with trigger notifications and automatic response. No need for filing or
input of results onto a database – that entire procedure of the pre and post rental inspection
process is eliminated. That also means the client can be the emailed inspection report as soon as it’s
complete and management can see an overview of your current business. Maintenance can get
trigger notifications as soon as something is failed or require attention on inspection so they know
immediately what needs to be fixed and management can get notifications telling them what they
need to replace. By automating this, pre and post rental inspection can be more efficient and more

If you’re thinking of providing the best service to businesses or individual consumers, you need to
ensure you have the best processes and methods in place. No one benefits from an old and
ineffective system, business growth and customer happiness will most likely be limited if this is the
case. The best solution? Go paperless with your pre and post rental inspection. 

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