Digital inspection apps reducing errors and increasing efficiency

Digital applications on mobile devices can benefit businesses during safety
inspection processes by reducing errors, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Digital safety inspection mobile applications or software help
businesses identify issues, deficiencies, non-compliance and potential risks very
early, even before they occur. By correctly using safety inspection apps and
software, these businesses can benefit from reduced paperwork in the process of
data gathering/ compilation, encoding, analysis and reporting.

By adopting digital safety inspection systems and mobile technology,
businesses can increase the reliability and accuracy of the information being
processed; significantly reduce the risk and disruption to their operations,
employees and equipment; increase safety for all stakeholders; and reduce the
inspection process turnaround.

Paperless safety inspections are becoming the standard across industries
where regular inspection, compliance and planned maintenance are necessary.

Techs4Biz Australia explains the benefits of Pervidi digital safety
inspection applications and implementing mobile technology for safety

Real time data

Mobile devices integrated with digital inspection apps send out
assessment and evaluation data to key stakeholders in real time, cutting down
time spent on data gathering/compilation, data entry, encoding, sorting,
analysis and reporting through channels. The digital process enables easy
access to previously stored data and historic reports for comparison, as well
as to take corrective action, spot trends or initiate further verification. A
paperless safety inspection app opens up the route of communication wherein all
concerned management and staff have access to the information in a timely
manner or in real time.


Pervidi digital safety inspection apps and software offer the
flexibility to completely tailor the checklists to the exact needs of the
organisation. This allow the app to be configured to accommodate the unique
needs of different businesses and industry sectors from construction
management, mining, transportation, oil and gas, and manufacturing to
utilities, property management, food and agriculture among many more.

Rugged mobile devices

Mobile devices used in digital safety inspections must be fully charged
to conduct undisturbed inspections and should also abide by set government and
site regulations – for instance, ensuring Intrinsically Safe devices in the oil
and gas industry. Businesses should also consider investing in a
protective drop-proof, waterproof case for their mobile device, be it
a mobile phone, iPad or tablet so that it is ready for data entry in any


Digital inspections keep inspectors mobile and allow them to cover
more ground and visit more project sites. Compared to paper-based systems, inspectors
take less time to fill out digital forms and add specific notes, while taking
photographs using the mobile device’s camera or using the speech-to-text function
for additional information. Pervidi allows digital forms to be hosted
on smartphones, tablets and phablets, enabling information to be accessed,
shared and sent out when needed without the physical restrictions of paper-based

Mobile devices and accessories

Mobile devices used by inspectors should be kitted out with the right
accessories so that they can focus on the work instead of worrying about their
mobile device, reducing the risk of an accident in the workplace. Functional
accessories such as a shoulder strap or hard grip, or a vehicle mount or table
stand keep the mobile device where it is needed, increasing productivity, and
reducing risk to the device or the user during the inspection process.

Mobile device management

When a business manages multiple mobile devices for safety inspections,
they have to update all software and hardware on a timely basis as well as
ensure security access, organise remote support, and manage battery life and
controlled charging among others. For example, secure charging stations can
be set up for devices to be recharged at the end of the day in storage.


An investment in digital inspection software is necessary to create a
proactive environment that addresses safety concerns and ensures compliance with
existing standards. Using mobile devices and software for daily business
operations and equipping the mobile device with unique functional accessories
significantly increase inspection efficiency, helping the organisation achieve
quicker ROI from overall cost savings.

Pervidi develops
software and apps to automate any type of inspection, field work, and data
collection process using mobile technology.

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