Digital High Speed Camera

The OS-series is a new digital high-speed camera designed to operate in the most demanding environments. 

The salient design feature of the OS 10 are its compact size combined with a wide data bus, making it capable of achieving very high frame rates (up to 1,000 fps) including transfer speeds to high-capacity solid-state (non-volatile) memory. Configurable DDR options include 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB.

Some of the key features include: optional solid-state non-volatile memory, -40+50 degree C

-40+122 degree C, compact design, C-mount standard, F adaptor optional. Shock: 200G / Vibration: 40G all axes shockproof, HDSDI optional.

Benefits to the user include high capacity image storage, handles extreme environment conditions, adapts to any environment, multiple lenses mount selection and live high definition playback.

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