Digital Agriculture Inspection and the Power of Paperless Intelligent Farming

As one of the backbone industries of almost every country on the planet, agriculture represents a huge area for technology and operational methods to develop. As the combine harvester keeps getting more and more advanced, so to must the infrastructure and intelligence behind the tool and the process. Where an asset or agriculture equipment piece can carry out much of the manual work today that was impossible a few decades ago, the work is only as good as the systems and solution in place to support and maintain this process. Agriculture and farming have and likely always will be a place for technological development, innovative operational methods and ingenious solutions to daily problems and tasks. For many agriculture businesses and farms, they are seeing the power that digital agriculture inspection and paperless intelligent farming can provide for their future within the farming and agriculture industry.

Digital agriculture inspection is something that has provided many farming organisations a new and improved way to keep their operation in check throughout the season. This can range from the pre-start checks of equipment and machinery, to safety checks of chemicals or other safety equipment such as PPE or compliance checks of the storage or processing facility. Regardless of the check, farms and other agriculture organisations using digital and paperless agriculture inspections are finding that a tailored paperless solution that can cater to a number of different inspection checklist needs provides serious value. Digital agriculture inspections today often run on mobile devices on applications just like any regular iOS or Android app. Using smartphone or tablet features such as the camera, farmers can scan barcodes/RFID of agricultural equipment, take pictures of findings or deficiencies, for example, the tyre of a tractor and then annotate the wear on said tyre. This image then goes onto the report and directly syncs with the backend database where management and maintenance teams can be notified of a tyre deficiency and immediately choose whether to order a new tyre or whether it can be repaired. This dramatically cuts the time taken to make such decisions and will also reduce the downtime for the asset, in this case a tractor. Farmers and field personnel using digital agriculture inspection tools can also take advantage of deficiency life cycle tracking of assets, GPS recording, speech-to-text services or offline recording, as well as integrated manuals or reference materials and standardised response checklists.

For management, digital and paperless agriculture inspection is really a better operational system to use with employees than separate paper solutions. It can integrate the paperless inspection and report process with necessary personnel such as maintenance teams or other 3rd parties, simplify the audit trail and increase informational sharing throughout the farm in real time. Tracking of assets via a deficiency life cycle system can be paired with automatically suggested corrective actions for inspectors in the field or proactive triggers and notifications in the form of emails and/or a text message. All such features contribute to a solution that better utilises assets and equipment and helps the farm and the organisation to work better and smarter. In an industry with tight margins, unavoidable scenarios and difficult forecasts, it’s important to have the best system in place to allow you to do the best you can with the information and knowledge that you have. Digital agriculture inspection and the power of intelligent farming is therefore an obvious no-brainer for all those involved in the agriculture and farming industry.

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