DHAS series flexible gripper finger for gentle and safe gripping

Festo introduces a new flexible
range of gripper fingers designed to offer gentle gripping, low-vibration
transport and impact-free placement. Recommended for all delicate surfaces and
sensitive materials, the new gripper finger uses the Fin Ray principle, which is based on
the wavelike movement of a fish’s tail fin and applied to an industrial

Representing an excellent example
of nature’s lessons being adapted to automation technology and into a technical
application, a gripper finger design with the Fin Ray Effect does not bend away
when pressure is applied at the side, but instead wraps around the pressure
point, adapting to the workpiece’s contours. This enables the gripper fingers
to gently close around the item, allowing fragile and irregularly shaped
objects to be gripped safely. Compared with standard gripper fingers, the
adaptive gripper’s outstanding feature is its significantly lower weight.

Available in three sizes, the DHAS
gripper series offers high performance, with the tapered gripper fingers allowing even
slim packages to be gripped; innovation, with the soft polyurethane material
perfectly suited to gently gripping sensitive workpieces; flexibility, with the
gripper fingers gripping differently shaped parts; safety, with the form-fitting
motion of the gripper finger adapting to the shape of the workpiece; and convenience, with a mounting
kit and mounting bracket available for long-stroke grippers or with an individual
attachment for customer specific gripper systems.

DHAS gripper fingers can also be
integrated into human/robot collaboration concepts. Suitable applications
include transferring unevenly
shaped parts in an adaptive and smooth way without any need to change grippers;
moving soft and fragile materials and workpieces that would normally be damaged
with standard grippers; and gripping and placing workpieces.

The flexible gripper finger DHAS
can pick up virtually any shape extremely gently and without leaving any marks,
making them ideal for small or large bottles, tubes and jars.

Find clever solutions to your
packaging tasks at www.festo.com/packaging.

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