DEWESoft’s new R4-HUB option for R4 DAQ systems

The new R4-HUB DAQ from DEWESoft is a data acquisition system featuring
an integrated USB hub to allow connection to any PC set-up. The R4-HUB DAQ
system can be configured with up to 64 analogue input channels.

The inclusion of a USB 2.0 cable with the R4-HUB DAQ system enables
connection to any PC with a USB port, allowing the storing, visualising and
analysing of data from R4 analogue channels.

DEWESoft’s R4
data acquisition system also
includes additional extension ports such as one USB and two synchronisation
ports, allowing the R4-HUB DAQ to be extended by additional data acquisition
devices such as SIRIUS modular
DAQ slices.

R4-HUB enables operation with 32 SIRIUS Dual-Core measurement channels
running at a maximum sampling rate of 200 kS/sec while 32 SIRIUS High-Speed
measurement channels can run with the sampling rate of up to 450 kS/sec.

Key features of DEWESoft’s R4
data acquisition systems:

High-end signal conditioning: R4 data acquisition systems are
built around SIRIUS DAQ technology and feature the same
versatile and powerful amplifiers for world-leading signal conditioning.

Powerful and reliable computer: R4 DAQ system
offers powerful built-in data processing computer and fast and
reliable SSD data logging capabilities for a standalone operation.

Up to 64 analogue inputs: System can be configured with up to 4
SIRIUS DAQ slices for a total of 64 analogue inputs for connecting virtually
any sensor.

Up to 32 counter/encoder inputs: System can hold up to
32 counter/encoder inputs or 96 digital input channels.

Up to 4 isolated can ports: Configure up to 4 high speed CAN 2.0b channels
with 1 Mbit/sec data throughput with additional support for CCP, OBDII, J1939,
and CAN output.

EtherCAT master port: R8 DAQ systems include EtherCAT master
port with built-in synchronisation for easy connection and
extension of any of our EtherCAT based DAQ systems such as KRYPTON DAQ
modules or SIRIUS DAQ system.

All interfaces: Interfaces for wireless LAN, dual GLAN, 4x
USB 3.0, GPS, HDMI and 2x synchronisation are available.

DEWESoft is represented in Australia and New Zealand by

For further information, please visit the Metromatics website or call (07) 3868-4255.

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