DEWESoft releases three new SBOX EtherCAT based computers

DEWESoft has introduced three new SBOX computer models designed to run
on EtherCAT interface.

Powerful, fast and rugged, DEWESoft’s SBOX computers can be paired with DEWESoft
Sirius to transform into a modular, compact and state-of-the-art standalone data
acquisition system.

All three models – SBOXe, SBOXre and SBOXfe – can run on EtherCAT
interface and also be daisy chained with one single cable for power, data and

While the SBOXe is a standard model, the SBOXre is rack mountable and
designed to fit into the Sirius rack units, and the SBOXfe is fanless, making
it ideal for dusty, harsh environments. All models come with an EtherCAT card, run
on Intel Core i7 processor and have an integrated sync junction that enables
Dewesoft X Software to automatically recognise the device when connecting it.

The DEWESoft SBOX models utilise Intel Core i7 with either 4 x 2GHz or
3517UE 2 x 1.7GHz processors featuring a memory of up to 16GB. Key features
also include a removable SSD; maximum power consumption of up to 55W; operating
temperature range of -20¡C to +50¡C depending on the model; and compatibility
with many interfaces.

DEWESoft’s SBOX computers feature 4 x USB3.0 at the front; 2 x USB2.0 at
the rear; Ethernet 2 x GLAN; 1 x WLAN; 1 x DVI, which is VGA and HDMI compatible
for video; and optional 10Hz, 100Hz + RTK GPS among many more features.

DEWESoft is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics

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