DEWESoft R8 instruments now mechanically stronger

DEWESoft recently upgraded their R8 instruments to make them
mechanically stronger.

Typically used in high channel count applications, DEWESoft R8 instruments
offer a compact solution by combining up to 64 SIRIUS Dual Core channels (or
128 HD channels) and the SBOX in a single chassis. The individual SIRIUS slices
are removable allowing for multiple configurations and expanding application
flexibility in future projects.

Highlights of the DEWESoft R8 product
line upgrade:

1. Flexible SIRIUS amplifiers can interface to virtually any kind of
signal including quarter, half or full bridge strain gauges, accelerometers,
pressure sensors, potentiometers, high voltage sources and many more.

2. Low input-to-EtherCAT bus delay (< 100 us) when accessed by a
third party EtherCAT master through the EtherCAT port on the rear panel, with a
minimum cycle time of 200 us. Even lower delay and cycle times are possible.

3. A possibility of running the SIRIUSre slices in dual mode: Full data
rate over USB to DEWESoft (not real-time, for analysis purposes) – and
real-time data (for control purposes) to third party master through the rear
EtherCAT port in parallel at the same time.

A best-in-class provider of data measurement devices, DEWESoft is represented
in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics.

For further information, please visit the
Metromatics website
or call (07) 3868-4255.

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