DEUTZ-FAHR tractor hood now opening with LINAK LA36 actuator

LA36 actuators from LINAK have been integrated into the new DEUTZ-FAHR
tractor hoods to assist with opening and closing. This sophisticated solution from
LINAK ensures DEUTZ-FAHR tractor series 9 no longer opens and closes on gas

Instead of employing a simple tilt mechanism and gas springs, DEUTZ-FAHR
engineers developed kinematics as an alternative, which does not tilt the
150-kilogram hood, but raises and lowers it parallel to the vehicle. The
kinematics is driven by the LA36 actuator from LINAK.

One of the most powerful among all LINAK actuators, the LA36 is designed
to operate under tough and harsh conditions. The die-cast aluminium housing and
high-quality components guarantee a high protection class. The electric
actuator allows up to one ton to be moved, and the stroke length can vary in a
100-999mm range.

In the tractor application, the kinematics was directly above the engine
and the exhaust heat of the engine was exposed, making the LA36 the perfect

Farmers testing the new tractor were impressed with the sophisticated
solution for opening the hood. Thanks to the electric hood adjustment, all
areas in the engine compartment are easily accessible, simplifying maintenance.

Key advantages of the LINAK LA36 electric actuators also include ability
to withstand cold, heat, high temperature fluctuations or splashes without
affecting operation; resistance to chemicals; and protection class IP69K achieved
in static state, and IP66 in operation.

LINAK Australia provides innovative actuation
solutions designed to improve people’s quality of life and working environment.

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