Design your own lead screw with the new igus configurator

Treotham introduces a new lead screw configurator from
igus that allows users to quickly design their own lead screw and associated
drawing without in-depth technical knowledge and CAD software. Now anyone can
make use of the largest lead screw shop in the world and design their
individually manufactured and long-lasting lead screw that matches their

Whether trapezoidal, high helix or metric threads,
lead screws in combination with nuts made of iglidur high-performance polymers
ensure lubrication-free adjustment for long-lasting and smooth running. But
designing the right drive solution has always demanded a lot of effort and the
necessary knowledge in technical drawing. From determining the right parameters
up to machining the lead screw, and designing with a CAD programme and checking
for technical plausibility up to ordering, the process took several hours to
several days.

Motion plastics specialist igus has now developed a
new tool to easily configure the ideal lead screw and directly check the
plausibility of the configuration. This way, anyone can become a designer
without any CAD software. In three steps, the user can customise their lead
screw, configure the machined end and directly generate a dimension drawing.
Then they can download the 3D model of their configuration and order the
pre-configured lead screw or request a binding offer.

your appropriate and long-lasting lead screw in a few minutes

The configuration takes place very quickly, within
three steps. In the first step, the customer can determine the lead screw type.
In addition to the classic trapezoidal thread and the metric thread, the user
also has the option of choosing the dryspin high helix thread. This is a thread
patented by igus, which ensures a higher efficiency through an optimised flank
angle. After selecting the thread type, the user can determine the thread
direction, the material and the lead screw length.

In the second step, the machined ends are configured.
Here, the configurator offers the user the opportunity to configure the base
body from outside inwards and add 12 standard elements such as chamfer,
clamping surface or circlip to the machined end. In the configuration process,
the designer can download the current dimension drawing directly at any time.

In the third step, the customer receives a complete
overview of their configuration. They can download the STEP file for further
construction of their application, save the configuration as a link for
follow-up orders, or share it with colleagues.

Try the new configurator at

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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