Design wear resistant double gears with igus online configurator

The online gear configurator from igus is enabling
designers to quickly manufacture wear-resistant double gears without tools
using 3D printing technology.

An essential part of the everyday life of designers, double
gears feature plastic components that are used when force, torque or speed in
gears need to be changed over more than one stage. Quiet and durable, they
perform this task only if the geometry of the teeth is optimal.

However, manufacturing these gears without tools can
be complex and time-consuming, with even slight inaccuracies increasing the
wear and the noise. The online gear configurator from igus allows double gears to
be designed automatically in a few seconds and ordered through Treotham.

To quickly design single or double gears, the user can
upload the CAD data for the gears on the online tool. A lubrication-free,
high-performance plastic specifically developed for gears ensures a long
service life of the configured part during operation.

The designer needs to select the appropriate gear
module and set the number of teeth and the transmission of torque. The online configurator
automatically uses this data to create the 3D model of the double gear with
optimally modelled involute gear teeth, guaranteeing a quiet and long-lasting
operation. This process is accomplished without complex and error-prone manual
work or an external CAD programme. The 3D model then goes into 3D printing.

Thanks to the lubrication- and maintenance-free
material iglidur I6 specifically developed for gears, the gears produced by the
3D printer are robust and wear-resistant. A test in the in-house igus
laboratory has proven that a gear made of iglidur I6 has no measurable wear
after a million cycles at 5N/m torque and 12rpm. In comparison, a milled gear
made of the thermoplastic polyoxymethylene (POM) is already severely worn-out
after 321,000 cycles, resulting in a much shorter service life.

For more information, please visit the Treotham website or call 1300 65 75

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