Dashley Double Ball Check Valves from Dual Valves Australasia

Dual Valves Australasia presents the Dashley double ball check valves (DDV) in a range of sizes and operating pressure.  

Dashley double ball check and changeover valves are particularly suitable for mill cyclone feed pump applications in addition to all slurry applications requiring trouble-free pump changeover.  

Dashley double ball check valves operate on the discharge side of two pumps in parallel. Both pumps can run simultaneously or independently.  

When one pump is switched off, the ball will automatically drop back stopping the back flow to the second pump.  

The valve body and face-to-face dimensions of Dashley double ball check valves can be changed to suit existing applications.  

Replaceable seats can be made from any material requested while replaceable balls are made from urethane or rubber.  

Available in sizes from 100mm to 600mm, the check valves can be supplied in different sizes to suit specific requirements.  

The double ball check valves are available in operating pressure of 10, 16 and 25 bar.

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