DAGE IR-2000 infrared monochrome video camera

Scitech introduces a new infrared monochrome video camera that
represents the future of IR imaging.

The IR 2000 CMOS real-time monochrome camera from DAGE-MTI is the new
and improved digital version of the IR-1000, completely fine-tuned for
applications that require fast response and high sensitivity in both visible
and NIR (up to 1100nm) ranges. Capable of operating in brightfield and
fluorescence, the DAGE IR-2000 is recommended for applications in the fields of
microscopy and electrophysiology.

Key features of the DAGE IR-2000 infrared monochrome video cameras
include capacity to function at 30 fps (including adjustable frame rates and resolution)
at a resolution of up 4K Ultra HD; ability to operate in either auto-mode or manual
mode to maximise user-defined customisation; intuitive and user-friendly IR-Capture
software saving images at the click of a button; useful on-screen tools such as
overlays and measurements; and digital zoom function enabling instant
magnification for viewing small details in live or captured images.

DAGE IR-2000 IR cameras come in two models: a standalone configuration
(camera + digital controller) with an HDMI output for direct connection to an
HD (or Ultra HD) display; and a PC-ready configuration (camera head) connecting
to a user’s computer via USB 3.0. PC capability is subject to a range of
performance requirements.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website
www.scitech.com.au or call (03) 9480 4999.

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