Custom dust collector installed for leading garden products supplier

Ezi-Duct Queensland recently installed the new eCono 15000 18.5kW dust
collector for a leading Australian garden products supplier. The eCono 15000
was supplied with pneumatic slide dampers that open and close with the machines.

The Australian designed and manufactured Ezi-Duct eCono 15000 is the
perfect dust collector to tackle medium sized dust loads.

For the garden products supplier, Ezi-Duct installed the eCono 15000 collector
connected to a six-head SCM moulder, four-head tenoner, two CNC machines, a saw
and a spindle. The dust collector was installed on a custom made stand
specifically designed for the client to drive a front end loader underneath.

Key features of Ezi-Duct’s eCono 15000 dust collection systems include unmatched
performance from the high efficiency fan for energy consumed, producing
powerful suction of 15000 m³/h @ 2800 pa; 18.5kW WEG CE quality motor; and 50 top
quality 550 GSM anti-static needle felt, snap lock, leak proof filter bags.

The eCono 15000 features the latest generation variable speed drive
together with a pressure transducer that will sense changes in the airflow
required in the main duct and automatically decrease the fan power when
machines connected to the system are not being used. The rotary valve directly
deposits waste into the waste bin, allowing the bin to be emptied without the
dust collector having to be shut down or the production stopped.

The installation also included the supply of Ezi-Duct modular ducting and
Ezi-Flex flexible ducting. The Australian made Ezi-Duct modular ducting is manufactured
from abrasive resistant polyurethane and provides the best airflow on the
market with a very smooth bore. The bends feature a lobster back gore lock
construction, which adds considerable strength while still providing a smooth
internal finish. Since Ezi-Duct modular ducting simply clamps together, it also
cuts down installation time by 50 per cent, saving on labour costs for the

Ezi-Duct is Australia’s leader in the field of dust collectors and fume
extraction equipment and has the largest range on the market that includes dust
collectors, fume extractors, spray booths, rotary valves and vehicle exhaust
hose reels among many more. Ezi-Duct can custom design and build dust extraction
systems to meet the specific requirements of customers. Ezi-Duct has many
experienced staff backed by qualified engineers who can visit your factory to
provide free advice on your dust collection requirements.

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