Curved Plexiglass blades create floor to ceiling partition at EY WaveSpace

A bespoke floor to ceiling wall was created by Allplastics Engineering
to separate two areas at the EY WaveSpace office in Sydney.

EY WaveSpace is a global network of growth and innovation centres,
helping clients achieve radical breakthrough in business transformation set
within differentiated work spaces. Architecture firm Group GSA explored a range
of materials offered by Allplastics before selecting Plexiglass Satin Ice Snow
for the interior application, keeping in mind the tight delivery schedule and
demanding design considerations.

The materials were custom made and expertly CNC routered by the Allplastics
Architectural & Building division. Virtually every blade was customised to
meet the unique requirements of the installation at 200 George Street in Sydney.

Blades of 10mm thickness, fabricated from Plexiglass in cleverly
designed curved shapes have been arranged to create a floor to ceiling ‘wave’
to subtly segregate two areas of the EY WaveSpace. The project was expertly
managed by the Shape Group and professionally installed by MOJ.

Justin Abagi of the Shape Group said, “We thank the Allplastics team for
their cooperation in achieving a wonderful outcome for our client.

“Time constraints and unconventional designs were professionally handled
by their production team,” he added.

Vic Kalloghlian, the managing director of Allplastics concluded, “We
love our work and thrive on converting our clients’ visions and exceptional
designs into sophisticated interiors and practical outcomes.”

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