Creating economical temporary spaces with inflatable buildings

Inflatable buildings from Giant Inflatables Industrial help
various industries and businesses create comfortable temporary spaces in an
economical, eco-friendly and sustainable way.

User comfort is a major consideration in the design of inflatable temporary
buildings with careful attention given to the entry of light and air so that
the structure can maintain a healthy, safe, flexible and workable environment. Giant
Inflatables is focussed on continually improving the overall customer experience
through design enhancements including creating architecturally crafted spaces, ensuring
engineer approved construction, and using high quality UV stabilised and fire
retardant materials.

Inflatable structures from Giant Inflatables incorporate well engineered
and versatile fixings, quiet and low energy blowers, and clever interior extras
as standard features. The structure is offered with space attenuators and
partitions, light hangers for fluorescent and LED lighting, cable ducts for
power and computers, and ventilation ports among many other innovative

Temporary inflatable buildings come in two classic forms: air supported
structures and inflatable double skin or co-linear cell
inflatable structures.

Air supported structures

Also called air domes, air supported structures address the need
for large covered and environmentally controlled spaces with clear spans. These
temporary inflatable buildings are commonly used for large warehouses, sports centres,
covers for playing fields and tennis courts, agricultural purposes including
greenhouses, as well as for swimming pools.

Inflatable double
skin or co-linear cell inflatable structures

These inflatable buildings are recommended for creative and versatile
applications where forms can readily conform to functional needs. Suitable for
use as inflatable portable museums and exhibition spaces, or inflatable site
offices, these temporary buildings not only offer an inherent economy in
manufacture but also a high level of portability and energy-saving insulating
properties. Recommended applications include workshops, site offices, livestock
housing, and special purpose buildings.

Giant Inflatables Industrial’s inflatable buildings are ideal
for emergency response services, police and the military as well as any other
mobile quick response operations.

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