Conveyors in Distribution

Solutions to improve the
efficiency of goods receipt, order fulfilment and despatch

Today’s competitive business environment requires cost effective,
responsive distribution. Conveyors can lower costs and improve efficiency. Any
type of goods movement that is repetitive and performed more than a few times
is worth mechanising. The higher the volume, the greater the advantage you gain
by using conveyor solutions.

Receiving and Despatch

Conveyors can be used in receiving and despatch to increase productivity
and reduce transport turnaround times. Depending on the application, different
types of conveyors are used.

Transportation of Goods

Conveyors can do more than just transport goods from A to B. Conveyors
can add value by automating processes such as check-weighing, labelling and
packing. They can provide accumulation that acts as online buffer storage
between processes, and their use reduces product damage and improves the
ergonomics of materials handling.

Order Fulfilment

Order fulfilment for faster moving products requires more inventory on
the picking line and more flexible access for operators. Split case orders are
picking into totes or shipping cartons, which are moved between zones on
gravity or transportation conveyor. When orders are completed, the conveyor
takes the tote or carton to the despatch area. High productivity and throughput
can be achieved in full case picking applications, by picking direct to

Mezzanines with Conveyors

Conveyors in Mezzanines help to move product from one level to another,
increasing productivity and efficiency in multilevel operations.

Automated movement of product between different
levels significantly reduces operator exposure to OH&S risks.

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