Compact ILME combined inserts delivering big performance

The trend towards miniaturisation continues to be a driver for many

As robotics and other industrial machinery become increasingly compact,
multi-axis, and multifunctional, the installation space intended for devices
such as servomotors is accordingly decreasing. Components such as connectors
must keep pace with robotics technology.

Treotham’s answer to this need is the new ILME CQ4F/M 03/2, size ‘21.21’
combined insert featuring 3 poles plus PE with 2 additional auxiliary contacts
for improved power management.

The insert’s original proprietary design allows a compact combination of
power and brakes contacts and has been specifically developed for new
generation robots (6-axes) to be mounted on their relevant servomotors.

Suitable for standard 40A CXF/XM series crimp contacts (up to 6 mm_/
AWG 10) and 10A CDF/CDM series crimp contacts (up to 2.5 mm_/ AWG 14), it also
includes a dedicated coding pin for up to 4 different codings.

For more information, please visit the Treotham Automation website or call 1300 65 75

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