Compact, affordable ORBITAL-100 Ring-TIRF laser illumination

Scitech presents the ORBITAL-100 Ring-TIRF system from Visitron Systems for
total internal reflection fluorescence.

Visitron’s ORBITAL-100 Ring-TIRF is a highly compact and affordable system
based on high speed 2D galvo that drives the Ring-TIRF illumination. The
ORBITAL-100 Ring-TIRF laser illumination system offers a large illuminated
field of view to enable applications such as single molecule tracking or STORM
based super-resolution microscopy.

Full 360 degree rotation by free circular diameter or elliptical
trajectory at the back focal plane of the high aperture TIRF objective, offers
illumination with minimum interference fringes and shadowing effects. The
system is affordable for TIRF and Wide-field illumination applications offering
single or multimode fibre coupling. It offers 2D galvo controlled movement of
illumination spot for optimised point TIRF illumination. Oblique illumination
is possible as well as a combination with flexible VS Laser-Combiner up to 8
laser lines.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website or call (03) 9480 4999.

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