CNC routing wear resistant parts from UHMWPE

The UHMWPE is a versatile engineering plastic
available in sheets and rods from Allplastics Engineering. UHMWPE or Ultra High
Molecular Weight Polyethylene has wear resistant and sliding properties, making
it an ideal choice for many industries such as materials handling, food,
mining, transport and marine among many more.

Allplastics Engineering also manufactures components
and parts from UHMWPE utilising their precision CNC routing facilities.
Recently, the company produced a large 60mm thick component for the mining
industry, later welding the large components to produce the final design.

The UHMWPE material is known for excellent toughness, good
sliding properties, light weight, resistance to diluted acids, cleaning agents
and numerous solvents, very good abrasion resistance, superior electrical
insulation, and very low water absorption.

The material is ideal for creating chemical apparatus,
chopping boards, conveyor parts, cryogenic parts, food processing equipment, liners,
and wear strips.

UHMWPE sheets are available in 2000 x 1000mm and 3000
x 1000mm sizes, a thickness range of 5 – 100mm, and a choice of Natural, Black
and Green colours.

UHMWPE rods are available in a diameter range of 8 –
250mm in Natural, Black and Green colours.

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