CKS key adapter now with integrated AS-interface

Treotham presents the Euchner CKS key adapter, an electronic key system
featuring a uniquely coded key and a key adapter with integrated evaluation
unit. Based on transponder technology, the CKS-AS can be used in any
application, such as an electronic lockout mechanism, a key transfer system or
for assigning access rights to use an operating mode.

For operation on the AS-i safety bus, the Euchner CKS key adapter is
integrated directly as a slave. When a valid key is inserted, a safe code
sequence is sent directly to the safety monitor via the bus. Depending on the
program stored in the monitor, the safety outputs are switched on or system
startup is enabled.

The transponder technology enables CKS-AS to offer
the highest possible safety level of category 4/ PL e. Its compact, robust
design and IP67 protection rating make it suitable for use in industrial environments.

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