Civil engineering & construction projects – Mobile inspections

Small or large, construction projects
require careful oversight. If instructions are not followed, restrictions not
met or regulations not adhered to their can be highly damaging if not fatal
damages to the project. Throughout a building process, it is important to have
a high degree of detailed management, with everything inspected and recorded to
ensure nothing goes wrong. Civil engineering and construction projects
represent the peak of engineering, design and architecture and it most
definitely deserves the best in inspection methods. Where the past has only
provided inspectors and officers with the standard paper checklist, modern
technology gives a new method. Paperless inspection solutions are
revolutionising every inspection, audit, quality assurance and compliance check
for businesses and organisations, giving high accuracy data and the ease of
mind that everything is under control. Now even available on ‘rugged devices’ –
mobile devices suitable for the construction workplace or engineering sites, paperless
inspection solutions are presenting a better and better argument for their
implementation across business.

Mobile devices and digital checklists work
effectively together to provide great inspection data. Easy integration with a
lot of construction machinery is already available, with advanced methods
pushing civil engineering and mobile technology together. Aside from the
numerous features that smartphone and tablet devices provide such as the
camera, touchscreen for annotation, speech-to-text services, GPS timestamps
etc., mobile devices are primarily a benefit because of their friendliness.
With the majority of the population owning some form of mobile device, giving
an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to your employee to use straight away is
an upgrade that skips overlap. With many construction projects time sensitive,
having a solution that saves time and upgrades a process is somewhat
undervalued. The modern workforce understands mobile technology better than
ever before and mobile devices can therefore result in being a highly effective
tool for the workplace. Once reports, inspections and checks are completed,
they can be instantly sent to the engineering HQ, management centre or business
office for immediate processing. Data is stored on servers or on cloud-based
systems (SaaS) and can generate on-demand, in-depth high quality reports.
Specific report sections can be provided to 3rd parties, government
officials or the inspectors themselves for reference material. The customisable
nature and easy integration into the business process is unparalleled by any
paper-based system available. Mobile devices are the future of inspections;
civil engineering and construction projects should take note to avoid being
left in the dust.

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