Chemical resistant PVC ventilation louvres for industrial settings

Allplastics Engineering recently fabricated a custom range of PVC door louvres designed to
resist chemical exposure in an industrial application.

Ventilation louvres are
fitted to doors to provide aeration in many settings or venues. When exposed to
chemicals in industrial environments such as chemical manufacturing plants,
desalination plants and laboratories, conventional louvres made from standard
aluminium or steel louvres can get adversely affected.

Engineering fabricated door louvres in chemical resistant grey PVC sheets,
which were cut, machined, grooved and glued to provide protection from
aggressive fumes and sprays in an industrial application where acids and
alkalis were in high concentration.

Allplastics can also
fabricate a range of chemical resistant detention tanks, gutters, drip-trays,
and similar structures from PVC polypropylene or polyethylene.

Products made from rigid PVC exhibit excellent
electrical properties, good machining and thermo-formability, low moisture
resistance, solvent cement-ability, and very high chemical resistance.

Rigid PVC can be
used to fabricate chemical storage tanks, face shields, insulating bushes, nozzles,
photographic dishes, shims, tablet slats, and tank liners and fittings.

Rigid PVC sheets:

  • Size:
    2000 x 1000mm
  • Thickness:
  • Size:
    2440 x 1220 mm
  • Thickness:
    • Grey
      1.5mm to 50mm
    • White
      and Clear 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm and 10mm
  • Colours:
    Grey, White, Clear

Rigid PVC rods:

  • 150
    – 200 (0.5m length)
  • 75
    – 150 (1m length)
  • Up
    to 70 (2m length)
  • Diameter: 6 – 200 mm
  • Colours:
    Grey and Red

For downloads and
more information about this product, please visit PVC Rigid on the Allplastics Engineering website.

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