Case Study: Melbourne timber processor uses Ezi-Duct ducting range to customise new ducting manifold

A leading Melbourne-based timber processor used Ezi-Duct ducting
products to custom manufacture a new ducting manifold for their 6-head timber

Since their dust collector was not very powerful, and they wouldn’t be
using all the six heads of the timber molder simultaneously, the customer requested
Ezi-Duct to additionally supply sealed slide dampers for every dropper. The
ducting dampers enable the timber processor to close the droppers that are not
in use to improve the suction on the droppers that are being used.

The customer was extremely happy with all the products supplied by
Ezi-Duct as well as the quality of customer service.

The Ezi-Duct ducting range includes four types of ducting clamps, eight types
of ducting dampers, ducting transitions, branch and Y pieces, hanging brackets
and weather discharge cowls among many more.

Featuring smooth bore pressed bends for improved airflow, Ezi-Duct’s modular
steel ducting is designed to simply clamp together, saving customers money by reducing
installation time.

Ezi-Duct ducting comes standard in corrosion resistant galvanised steel and
is also available in 304 or 316 stainless steel as well as in a heavy wall,
fully welded option. Ezi-Duct manufactures modular steel ducting at its modern
factory located in Auburn NSW.

Australia’s leading supplier of dust collection
equipment, Ezi-Duct offers a huge range of dust collectors, fume extractors,
modular ducting, flexible ducting, fume arms, fans and spray booths among
others ex-stock at their three state branches in Melbourne, Sydney and
Brisbane. Ezi-Duct is a proud Australian Manufacturer and proudly displays the
Made in Australia logo.

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