Case Study: Installing location control systems in high-rise warehouse

TallShips Solutions installed two Location Control Systems in Taiwan to
provide an interface between the existing WMS application and the high-rise
warehouse cranes and conveyors. Developed and marketed by TallShips Solutions
over the past four years, the Location Control Systems (LCS) installed at the
two Taiwan projects represented the first completed implementations of the
current version of the LCS software.

The initial project was undertaken for CTW, a third party logistics
company operating six facilities throughout Taoyuan, Taiwan. The warehouse was
newly constructed to function as a supplier hub for a range of companies
requiring logistic support services. Each floor of the six-storeyed building was
dedicated to servicing a specific client.

To facilitate this operational requirement, several conveyors and lifts
were installed to enable the movement of pallets into and out of the high-bay. The
high-bay has five Dematic cranes, each providing access to two storage racks 18
pallets high and 80 bays deep. The high-bay also has storage for well over
14,000 pallets of heights up to two metres and weighing a maximum of 900

The high-bay is serviced by a single infeed conveyor that delivers
pallets to one of the five Dematic cranes. Pallets are retrieved to a single
outfeed conveyor and routed to the desired floor via the conveyor system and

TallShips Solutions completed the installation of the LCS prior to the
commissioning of the materials handling system and subsequently supported the
commissioning process remotely from Sydney. During this phase, TallShips
Solutions’ consultants worked closely with the commissioning engineers from
Siemens Dematic to ensure that the LCS system functioned to specification.

TallShips was able to remotely access the site to
view the operations and resolve any issues as they emerged. Though TallShips’
consultants did not have access to a fully functional materials handling system
when on-site, rigorous on-site testing of key operational aspects of the Location
Control System ensured that commissioning could be completed remotely.

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