Case Study: Installing dust extraction systems in Cootamundra Catholic High School

Leading Australian supplier of dust collectors and fume extraction equipment,
Ezi-Duct installed a new dust extraction system at the Cootamundra Catholic
High School for their woodworking section.

The manual arts classrooms at the school were equipped with 14
woodworking machines, connected to the dust collector located outside the former
church building. Ezi-Duct’s scope of supply included an Australian designed
Polex eCompact 6000 fully automatic self-cleaning dust collector, the Ezi-Duct modular
steel ducting system and Ezi-Flex flexible ducting.

The Polex eCompact 6000 dust collector provides suction of 6000 m³/h @
3000 pa and works under negative pressure, eliminating any risk of dirty air
passing through the high efficiency, energy saving 7.5 kW fan.

The filter bags in the dust collector are automatically cleaned every
time the unit is shut down via a PLC incorporated into the control panel. The
automatic cleaning ensures the dust collector functions at 100% efficiency when
it is operated the next time.

Polex has designed the eCompact 6000 dust collector to deposit the waste
wood dust and shavings directly into two 140L wheelie bins, ensuring ease of operation
and eliminating any risk of OH&S issues associated with emptying the waste

Australia’s leading supplier of dust collection
equipment, Ezi-Duct offers a huge range of dust collectors, fume extractors,
modular ducting, flexible ducting, fume arms, fans and spray booths among
others ex-stock at their three state branches in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.
Ezi-Duct is a proud Australian Manufacturer and proudly displays the Made in
Australia logo.

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