Case Study: Eracoat 2K Rapid minimises disruption at 24/7 police station carpark

The application of Eracoat 2K Rapid from Era Polymers on the floor of the
carpark at a busy police station minimised disruption by enabling a quick
turnaround on the job.

Operational round-the-clock, the police station required a high
performance anti-skid surfacing solution and line marking for their carpark.
Key objectives for the application included increasing the longevity of the carpark
by protecting the concrete substrate; improving the aesthetics of the carpark; ensuring
an anti-skid surface due to the speed and volume of vehicles using the carpark;
and providing clear delineation of car spaces in Safety Yellow.

Since the police station was operational all 24 hours, it was not
possible to close the area. A solution was required that would not only provide
a quick turnaround but also minimise disruption to their operation. Eracoat 2K
Rapid floor coating provided them with the perfect solution.

Products used by the contractor included Eracoat 2K Rapid in Grey and
Safety Yellow for the line markings, and Non-Skid 50 anti-skid particles to
achieve the anti-skid finish required across the carpark.

The carpark was fully operational within two days.

Key features and benefits of Eracoat 2K Rapid anti-skid surfacing
included 100% solids aliphatic formula ensuring excellent colour retention; 1:1
mix ratio by volume allowing convenient use; solvent free, hence no
flammability issues and minimal environmental impact; rapid curing ensuring high
productivity and quick turnaround; resin elongation >70% providing good
flexibility with expansion and contraction of concrete; ability to bond to
existing coating simplifying application; and 1-3mm aggregate or oxides
depending on project requirement.

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