Cable support solution keeps operation theatres safe

Magnet Sales Australia supplied several Cable-Mate devices to the John
Hunter Hospital to keep heavy cables out of the way in the operation theatre.

OSHA reports that most general industry incidents involve slips,
trips and falls, causing 15% of all accidental deaths – a number second only to
motor vehicles as a cause of fatalities. Large and heavy-weighted cables, cords
and hoses have become a major OH&S concern in many surgical and medical
rooms for causing workplace injuries.

Graham Cutler, the Nurse Unit Manager of John Hunter Hospital explained
that he came across the cable support system while looking for a solution that
could hold onto cables and power leads in the operation theatres at the medical
facility. Magnet Sales Australia (MSA) sold a number of Cable-Mate magnetic
cable holders to the hospital, where they were attached to laparoscopic towers,
instrument carts and trolleys to hold cables and power leads securely and
prevent tripping incidents.

Cutler says the MSA Cable-Mate is well suited to the healthcare
environment as it can be placed on most laparoscopic towers and cleaned to meet
infection control guidelines. The Cable-Mate offers a proven solution to help
create a safer workplace with its ability to store and handle electrical
cables, leads, hoses and wires securely.

Cutler also has a word of appreciation for Magnet Sales Australia’s
level of customer service, especially for responding quickly and efficiently.

The patented Cable-Mate system is available in Australia, New Zealand and
North America.

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